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Tiki Hut Hostel in Palomino Colombia

Our hostel in Palomino have a mountain view (La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta) and we are located near the tubing tour area, tourist attraction that has become typical in Palomino.

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About Tiki Hut Palomino

Tiki Hut is an ecological hostel conformed by 7 private cabbains and 3 big dorms; just 2 min walking from tha bay Tiki Hut Hostel has a magical enviroment which is surrounded by nature. Our hostel is a perfect place to get relax chilling out by the pool, find a quiet reading spot in the garden and hamock, have a live music afternoon and diferent cultural activities. Our vision is to be completely ecologic hostel and contribue to Palomino's enviroment in a near future.