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Tiki Hut Bed and Breakfast Hostel in Palomino Colombia

Tiki Hut is an ecological bed and breakfast hostel conformed by 7 private hut and 3 big dorms; just 2 min from that bay our hostel in Palomino has a magical environment, surrounded by nature. Just 15 minutes from the hostel is the small village of Palomino near the national highway.

Tiki Hut hostel is a perfect place to relax and chill, by the pool or just in a quiet reading spot in the garden, in a hammock by the beach, or just in a special live music afternoon. The Tiki Hut also has different cultural activities that can offer a great deal of adventure, pleasure and entertainment. Our rooms in Palomino have a pool view and a great mountain view. Palomino is at the base of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and we are located near the tubing tour area which has become typical in Palomino.

Our goal is to improve Palomino’s environment and being a complete ecological hostel is the best way to do it. We hope to catch up with this dream in a near future.

Our hostel philosophy it’s to take care about any detail that concerns to the customer accommodation in Palomino. We’re trying to offer the best customer and cleaning service. We want to be helpful to anyone who needs information about the most interesting places in Palomino’s village or any requirement- request because we know that each customer it’s different but also they are special to us.

Tiki Hut’s Colombian staff has been put together as a team of social visionaries in Palomino. We think that keeping in touch with local people it’s the best way to learn about their culture and the best places you can visit or the best activities you can do. Furthermore knowing about Colombia and Palomino’s environment, economic and social situation, can be more visible through a direct contact with native people. That’s why we are trying to show to our customers not only the most important activities or the most beautiful beaches in Palomino and the Colombian Caribbean, but also our cultural and nature diversity.

We have been growing up step by step, increasing Palomino’s economic development and participating in social projects to help the village’s community, representing the Colombian people that wants to show to the rest of the world that we have great things to offer and we can improve real and amazing

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