Birdwatching Palomino

Herons On The Sunrise

The sun is up in Palomino and the waves seem to be as they used to, magical, quiet and proud to be one of the main special compounds of Colombian Caribbean Coast. The sound is unique, mysterious, and strong, it’s like poetry that makes me feel good and connected with my own world, exactly what I wanted to get when I decided to leave my job and get on this awesome trip to Palomino with no return.

While embracing my surroundings, in a method learnt my yoga classes, I get connected with those at the beach in a deep sleep as if they were dead and those who are just waking up, which is extremely unusual at 5:45 am. They are stretching their bodies, yawning but without annoying the others that are still sleeping.

- what are they doing so early?- I wonder myself knowing that most of them are less than 25 years old, backpackers, free and enjoying the world. I keep watching these boys getting ready and I see them reaching out for a curious objet from their bags. I can’t identify what it is so I get closer to have a look. I finally I discover a binoculars.

  • - But, for what? - I think to myself.

One of the guys talks to me, he speaks in English but not from United States, He was young British traveler very anxious for something that he has planned for a long time.

  • - What are you doing so early? – I ask curiously.
  • - Aren’t you listening to that? – He answer trying to share his moment but I was completely oblivious.
  • - What? - I say almost embarrassed.
  • - The birds, bro, listen to the birds –
Birdwatching Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Then with patience and excitement the young man explains to me that every year because of the birdwatching, or birding, and during the migratory season, many expert travelers, with knowledge in bird migration, travel along thousands of kilometers not only to hear the Colombian’s birds sounds but also to see their behavior and their natural life. Colombia is a sacred territory for bird watching. We host many of the total number of bird’s species, twenty of them life only in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and eight in Palomino, full of colors and plumages we can find yellow-billed herons, woody woodpecker, parakeets, flycatcher bird, wrens bird, swallows, sparrows, hummingbirds, frigates, etc.

  • - They make us feel excited with their melody and invite us to the love dance, to get connected with the environment and the nature. We are going for the herons, the white heads. – Explain the young British with an incipient Spanish.
  • - Come with us amigo, you cannot miss this experience –
  • - Yeah! Why not? – I answer contagious with the energy and excitement of this young traveler.

Anyway for a travelers every moment it’s an experience. ¡A great experience!

Birdwatching is that can of experience that you can´t describe with word, you have to live it. But I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Come and visit us. Ask for an opportunity for birdwatching.

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