River Palomino

Reforestation In Palomino

It is 8:30 AM in the Caribbean beach town of Palomino, Colombia. The Tikihut Hostel , the French environment group Envol Vert, and a dozen willing volunteers have teamed up together with a local tree farm to preserve the biodiversity that is essential to keeping the natural beauty of Palomino intact. While we may come […]

Birdwatching Palomino

Herons On The Sunrise

The sun is up in Palomino and the waves seem to be as they used to, magical, quiet and proud to be one of the main special compounds of Colombian Caribbean Coast. The sound is unique, mysterious, and strong, it’s like poetry that makes me feel good and connected with my own world, exactly what […]

Palomino Colombia

Tiki Hut in Palomino

Tiki Hut Bed and Breakfast Hostel in Palomino Colombia Tiki Hut is an ecological bed and breakfast hostel conformed by 7 private hut and 3 big dorms; just 2 min from that bay our hostel in Palomino has a magical environment, surrounded by nature. Just 15 minutes from the hostel is the small village of […]